Corporate Support

Corporate Social Responsibility

Choice FM Pty Ltd have proactively supported significant community programs for many years. We are an active participant in delivering meaningful programs within a structured environment that delivers positive outcomes to people with a lived challenge in their lives.

Deaf Children Australia – DFA – Sign On for Work

Choice FM have secured a Memorandum of Understanding with Sign on For Work to deliver skill-based employment to people with hearing impairment or profound deafness. Delivering real jobs in supportive client property portfolios has encouraged our participants to secure long term secure employment in a skill-based environment. Delivering real time employment applies a positive outcome for housing support, community engagement, friendship platforms and importantly a springboard to developing career paths that advance our supported people into careers of choice. The roles we offer develop skills in work attendance, working within a structured environment, accountability to performance, income and a strong sense of purpose for people who often find it difficult to secure long term work opportunities. Choice FM have ensured that our clients who assist in this program are supported with regular updates of our participant success.

Headspace Pty Ltd

Choice FM has partnered with Headspace Melbourne to deliver a Scholarship program working with youth programs in Melbourne. The program is designed to enhance opportunities for youth in Melbourne to secure participant employment in supported environments. Choice FM regularly assists Headspace in coordinating an engaged program of speaking to many Youth Groups to offer advice and guidance to develop an interest in building upon employment opportunities within the Cleaning and Facility Management Sector.

Each year, Choice FM offer a individual scholarship program that will support a participant in developing an identified skill set to the Facility management sector. This program can link a person who has high level knowledge and motivation in electronics or computer programming to our goal of automated cleaning systems based in robotics. The program continues to challenge our business and create opportunities for participant in the Headspace programs.

Preston Lions FC

Choice FM proudly gives back to our local community. Preston Lions Football Club is a long established leading local Soccer Club. Choice FM is a lead sponsor and proud participant with the culture of the Club. Sponsoring Preston Lions Football Club continues to build upon our strong connection to the local community of Preston and wider community.

Fight Cancer Foundation

Fight Cancer Foundation is a national charity dedicated to providing care, treatment and support for cancer patients and their families and funding vital research into cancer treatment and cures. Giving hope, Saving lives

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