About Choice FM

Over twenty years of excellence within the Commercial Property Services Industry Choice FM continues to deliver high performance results for our Government, Corporate, Medium and Small Business clients alike. Founded as Choice Cleaning Pty Ltd in the 1990’s as a commercial cleaning service provider Choice FM Pty Ltd has secured client growth by adopting industry best practice experience, machinery and innovation. Recognized client-side excellence in support and cleaning performance combined with the highest compliance to Occupational Health and Safety ISO classifications, our reputation for delivering for our client is industry leading. Choice FM Pty Ltd have expanded to offer our clients a broad portfolio of property maintenance building services to deliver upon our commitment to superior property maintenance solutions from our Management and Service Team Professionals.

Choice FM Pty Ltd is the quiet achiever within the facility maintenance industry. We drive our business growth through innovation and careful selection of our client profile and our Choice FM Team Members. Choice FM only work with people who demand the highest performance of themselves and of our company. This will continue to drive the commitment to our service offer.


Commercial Cleaning

Specialist Floor services/Carpet cleaning/window cleaning/Periodical/Builder clean Services/Grounds Maintenance/Female Hygiene Services/Waste Services


Facilities Management

Choice FM will provide a full-service model to ensure any service requirement can be provided to your company profile.


Infrastructure Services

Choice FM has developed a unique integrated property service model. Our goal is to provide a complete property solution for our client portfolio.

Commercial Sectors We Specialise In



Choice FM have developed industry leading technology and staff training systems, to make sure our team are always ahead of the curve. The ongoing training of our team provides a confident staff member and great result for our clients. We drive our business growth through innovation and careful connecting a client profile to our Choice FM Team Members


Days a year

We understand the some businesses never stop, that’s why we don’t either! We can be there for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every week! We can tailor a solution that can meet your business needs.

Our Valued Clients

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